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Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Repair

The Galaxy S4 is the latest smartphone from Samsung and at a retail price of $649 and up it does wonders. However if you have had the bad misfortune of dropping the phone you may have found out that even from 2 feet the glass screen breaks easily. 

The S4 was recently released a few weeks ago in the USA (this page was created on May 21, 2013) and BrokeMyCell has already been flooded with requested to repair the broken screen. The good news is that our technicians using our custom designed glass separation machine have been able successfully repair the broken glass as we currently do for the previous Galaxy models (S3, Note II...).

The S4 is a trickier repair that does require a delicate touch. BrokeMyCell is proud to be one of the first repair centers to formally repair the Galaxy S4.

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